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Tissue Marking

SheffMed provides specialist instruments and consumable products for Tissue Marking. For further details click on the below suppliers images.



MarginMarker® - The MarginMarker sterile ink kit is a sterile, single use device. The kit includes six ink colors, applicators, fixative, and annotation labels

The Standard for Tissue Orientation
In the quest to provide the best possible care for cancer patients, leading hospitals and physicians are eliminating error and improving patient outcomes by using Vector Surgical's MarginMarker. Surgeons use the MarginMarker sterile ink kit to define margins of excised tissue while in the OR; the pathology lab receives a clearly marked specimen. Unlike suture or metal tags, MarginMarker inks completely define each margin plane, resulting in more accurate re-excisions and potentially lower cancer recurrence.


CorrectClips® - Radiographic markers, sterile, single-use set of six clips.

CorrectClips provide secure orientation of excised tissue on the image. CorrectClips allow a complete view of tissue so that lesions are quickly located. The surgeon applies the sterile clips while in the OR. The clips are translucent on the image; only the letters indicating orientation show brightly. This is superior to metal tags, which block the view of tissue behind the tag, and which cast a shadow that also occludes visibility.




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