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High-quality medical equipment is made to last and allows you to carry out delicate procedures to gain the best results for your patients. While most practices are balancing cost with quality of care, SheffMed is here to provide you with the best options for your private or public practice.

While some equipment needs to last, other items are consumable. We can help you or your procurement department navigate the details. Most importantly, we want to connect you with the tools and surgical supplies that allow you to help people to the best of your ability.

New Zealanders trust their medical professionals, show them their in good hands with you.

You're in good hands with us

SheffMed knows how to look after family, which is why we're good at looking after yours. We understand what's at stake.

We have many years of industry experience and thousands of products to offer. When you choose us as your medical supplier, you are getting so much more than surgical instruments. You gain:

With over three decades of industry knowledge backing our team, SheffMed provides you with the information and expertise you need when making decisions about purchasing medical and surgical instruments. We can match you with the right tools for your practice.

We have worked with dozens of suppliers over the years. We thoroughly understand the specifications and features of all the items. We know the shelf life of each instrument. If we feel a particular item might not be sufficient for your needs, or if we discover a new range of instruments better suited to your situation, we will share these insights with you.

With over 800,000 medical and surgical instruments available, SheffMed has the means and know-how to find you instruments that best match your preferences and selection criteria.

Open communication
An ongoing relationship is important to us. Like a good medical professional, we check in with you. We want to know how the products you have chosen are performing and how they have improved your working life.

If you can’t find something, there’s a good chance that we can

With a growing catalogue of medical and surgical products, we can supply the items you need to perform general surgery as well as plastic and cosmetic surgery or liposuction.

You can find more information about our products here.

If you would like more information or you're ready to catch up to discuss your medical and surgical supply needs, please get in touch. We are just a phone call or an email away.

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