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Hand & Foot Surgery

SheffMed provides specialist instruments and consumable products for Hand and Foot Surgery. For further details click on the below suppliers images.



The T-RING is the world’s first One-Size-Fits-All tourniquet for digits. Designed by a physician, the T-RING provides immediate haemostasis...The Dermatologists love the T-Ring for nail bed removals for Melanoma and lesions.

Introducing the following new items;

TRing Flex
tring flex

tring strip

TLC TRing Kit
tring kit

S Jackson
S Jackson

Specialty sutures for tendon repair.



With the K-wire Guided Lalonde Bone Clamp, the surgeon can select the ideal location for fracture fixation by quickly and easily firing the K-wire through the guide into an exact position on the bone.


One of the world wide leaders in both Minimally Invasive Surgery and also Open Surgery.

RUDOLF was established as a company in 1950, but its roots reach back to the beginning of the 20th century and are to be found in the craftsmanship tradition of scissors manufacturing in Fridingen.

We are a team who cherishes the knowhow passed on through generations as much as progress, modern technology, lasting values and the long-time, trustful relationships with our partners worldwide.



Viscot Medical, LLC has been committed to providing the healthcare industry with high quality disposable products at an economical price since 1974. We are proud to serve our global customers as a domestic (New Jersey) manufacturer. Viscot Medical is a private, veteran-owned, small business.

Viscot is ISO 13485 certified - Quality is a priority!

Markets Served
Viscot Medical manufactures a broad line of disposable products. Our products are utilized in Acute Care, Ambulatory Surgery Centres, Emergency Medical, Extended Care, Dental and Physician Offices. Additionally we serve several large OEM customers. We sell our fine line of products throughout the world.

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