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Breast Surgery

SheffMed NZ Ltd has built a strong portfolio of Specialist Instruments and Products. We have now added more products for Breast Surgery. This includes the New Refine Suture for Breast Augmentation & Reconstruction. Please see the Refine Link which will take you to an animated Surgical Video.


ASSI provides an extensive range of Standard Breast Retractors along with Fiber Optic and Suction options. Please see the PDF links or contact SheffMed to discuss the full options available.

- Breast Retractors
- Stanger C Circular Breast Retractors
- Breast Dissectors/Retractors


Aesthetic Group provides a wide range of economical cannula for Fat Harvesting along with Cannula for fat re-injection for breast Reconstruction Surgery.

Aesthetic Group products have CE and ISO 9001 & 13485 certificate.

Our entire sister companie is based in France allowing a manufacture, packaging and sterilization in only one country - 100% Made In France.

Please contact SheffMed to find out more about our vast range of products for Breast Reconstruction Surgery.

black and black
black and black

Black and Black Provides a wide range of instrumentation for the Breast Surgeon.

Long insulated monopolar forceps for multiple procedures, featuring fine silver tips for increased accuracy and speed of tissue dissection. The hand-activated switch eliminates the need for foot pedals and allows for the surgeon to use one instrument for both tissue dissection and hemostasis saving valuable time. Comes with the cord attached and can be used with most Electrical Surgical Units.

Dr. Tebbetts can be seen demonstrating this instrument.


MD Resource offers a wide range of consumable tubing sets for your Liposuction requirements. Also see Consumable & Skin Marking tab.


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