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New Zealand's trusted supplier of liposuction cannulas

We have many disposable and reusable options to choose from

Liposuction continues to be a popular treatment amongst those battling stubborn fat deposits.

While liposuction techniques and equipment have advanced over the years, leading to a wide range of liposuction machines, there are now thousands of different cannulas for liposuction on the market.

We're finding that disposable liposuction cannulas are becoming more commonplace in New Zealand and in other countries due four major reasons:

  • There's no possibility of cross-infection
  • There's no risk of sharp edges or warping that can occur with reusable cannulas
  • There's many choices, leaving surgeons flexible to pick a cannula to suite the procedure
  • There's no need to open a set; each instrument is individually wrapped

Balancing reusable and disposable supplies

We know that every practice chooses between reusable and disposable medical supplies.

Reusables require sterilisation to keep them safe for use whereas disposable items are already sterile. Environmental impacts exist with both options, so it's more about finding the right overall balance between the two.

With over 3,000 cannulas to offer, we are here to guide you and offer our expertise to help you make the best decision for your practice.

For more information about our selection of cannulas, please feel free to get in touch. Yet, these are some of the disposable brands we recommend:

A new addition to our product range, INEX is committed to creating high quality disposable liposuction products for fat harvesting and fat re-injection along with equipment and products that support these procedures.

The outstanding quality of our disposable product range is immediately apparent; high grade stainless steel, reassuring weight, excellent balance and superb finish. We get the better of most re-usable brands.

Blink Medical offers the most comprehensive range of sterile, single use surgical instruments for outpatient or theatre departments. Our focus is delivering quality instruments.

We're always looking for new tech. Watch this space!

Along with maintaining and growing our wide range of cannula products, we are continually exploring new advancements in the liposuction field, including Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) technology from Germany.  We are always in the hunt for more effective ways for surgeons to process fat. Keep an eye on this space for updates or contact our team to find out what’s new.

Our featured liposuction machine:

The MD Resource LS2 Liposuction Aspirator

One of the most durable and reliable liposuction aspirators in the industry, the LS2 is designed and engineered to provide more flexibility and convenience during a liposuction treatment.

Assembled at MD Resource's ISO-certified, FDA-registered manufacturing facility, the LS2's sealed oil-less vacuum system means the aspirator is virtually maintenance-free and engineered to provide years of hassle-free use.

Along with the system's bright digital display, the LS2 can be activated with a pneumatic foot-pedal and use disposable canisters, disposable-liner canisters, or re-usable 2000cc glass collection bottles.


Additionally, we can provide you with a complete full listing of liposuction products. We are here to make your life less complicated and more flexible so you can concentrate on what matters.

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