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SheffMed is the family looking out for yours

Connecting medical professionals with the right instruments

Kiwis nationwide receive a better level of care as SheffMed allows public and private healthcare providers to gain access to better tools. Remember, it could be you or someone you love on the operating table ...

SheffMed was founded in 2000 by two guys over a few glasses of red wine, Perry Nichols, and his English mate, Alan McNulty. Fast forward one year, and Perry's wife, Laureen, amicably brought out the UK-side, creating the family-owned New Zealand business we are today.

Perry originally got into business with Alan, in part, to provide a better life for his family. His passion and vast knowledge of the industry drove Perry to achieve his goal while also doing something else he cared about: helping people.

With hundreds of thousands of medical items to choose from, and backed by 30 years of industry experience, SheffMed is a respected medical and surgical supplier in New Zealand.

What Perry & Lo worked tirelessly to build will remain for years to come

As SheffMed grew, naturally, so did the SheffMed team. Perry and Laureen developed a skilled customer service team to help answer all product enquiries and created account management specialists to follow up. The duo knew how important it was to ensure surgeons and their practices were happy. They were committed to using feedback to improve future offerings.

SheffMed started as a family business and still maintains that family warmth 17 years later with all the children playing roles throughout the years, some added family members along the way, our wonderful staff.

The values and ideas that guided the creation of SheffMed continue to this day.

Here at SheffMed we have a strong belief in providing outstanding quality instruments and customer support throughout all of New Zealand for the public and private healthcare sector.

We support our community in other ways

We invest in our community because we want to do as much for others as we can. With this in mind, SheffMed proudly supports the following organisations doing great works:

  • Auckland SPCA
  • World Animal Protection
  • The Special Children's Christmas Party
  • Auckland Medical School (instrument supply to training surgical registrars)

“Small enough to care but big enough to supply.”


Alisa Nichols Customer Services
Samantha Nichols promoted to Sales
Laureen Nichols Accounts and Company Director
Perry Nichols Sales and Company Director


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